Facts About Peanut Butter

healthEvery child loves a peanut butter and jam sandwich and adults pack them because they are affordable.

However, have you ever stopped and consider if peanut butter is healthy. Most responses would not be in the favor of the renowned Peanut Butter fan club, but they will soon consider changing their vote. Peanut butter is healthy, satisfying and can be your BBF when you are on a diet.

Did you know…
You will never combat the fight against hunger.
Peanut Butter contains fiber as well as protein, which help you feel satisfied. Further, the satisfied feeling lasts longer.
You decide…
Eating a full grain bagel with peanut butter compared to plain white bagel, you have approximately the same amount of calorie intake, but you will not feel hungry again soon after eating the first mentioned compared to the second. Reducing your food, with the correct food on the menu, is far tastier than a starving yo-yo diet, aiding to your decision to lose weight.

Your favorite fast food meal can contribute to your possible heart attack. However, full grain peanut butter and jelly sandwich can decrease your risk of heart disease. Peanut butter embraces health-protective mono- and polyunsaturated oil that decrease the jeopardy of heart diseases. The more frequently you enjoy peanut butter, and nuts, the lesser the risk of developing diseases concerning your heart.

By adding milk to your meal, you increase the protein intake to 28g of protein. Protein is require to build and repair you muscles, and you necessitate about 100g per day. 30g peanut butter contains a mere 7g of protein, which is equal to one peanut butter sandwich. Peanut butter is low in a few of the amino acids that are require with build and repair. The amino acids in the milk add value to the protein you find in peanut butter, increasing the value of protein that peanut butter provide

You need to supplement your nutrients daily to keep you going, many uses tablets and other medications to accomplish this, others do not use any supplements at all. Consuming peanut butter, you consume some of the major nutrients required. A serving of peanut butter contain vitamin E (3mg), Magnesium (49mg), Vitamin B6 (0.17mg), Potassium (208mg), over and above the folate, resveratrol and zinc. health2Magnesium can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and contributes to bone structure. Zinc and vitamin B6 contributes to the strength of you immune system. Vitamin E is an influential antioxidant, and Potassium is your muscles friend.

Is peanut butter healthy? The answer is yes for sure. In addition, to the finding in a study that two table spoons of peanut butter, five times a week, can lesser your hazard of developing diabetes with almost 30%, you have a smaller opportunity to have a heart disease. Your diet is pack with nutrients, and with a glass of milk added, you have a nice chunk of your daily protein requirement.

Eat your heart away, but as with everything else do not over indulge.…


Losing Weight Blueberries

fitAre blueberries good for losing weight?

There are many people who ask themselves, are blueberries good for losing weight. Everyone loves blueberries, which have a nice blue color and a sweet taste.

These wonderful fruits not only look good but they are also very tasty. It certainly makes sense to include them to your regular weight loss diet because they contain very little number of calories and they also contain plenty of fiber.

Whether you want to add them as toppings to your daily oatmeal or if you want to use them in your favorite snack, blueberries will certainly not make you put on weight.

Any food that does not contain too many calories per gram is good for a weight loss diet. Blueberries only contain 84 calories per 150 grams, which means that a single gram of blueberries contain only .6 calories. Thus, if you eat a large blueberry muffin that weighs about 140 grams you will only be consuming a low amount of calories. This is good news for anyone who wishes to lose weight.fit3

Blueberries also contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is that part of the food that does not get absorbed by the digestive system and so passes relatively unscathed through your digestive tract. Fiber helps a person lose weight because is retards the pace at which foods are digested and in this way makes your stomach feel fuller for longer. Fiber also does not contain too many calories and so if you consume a cup of blueberries you will be consuming a food that has 3.6 grams of fiber and few calories.

Thirdly, it pays to consume blueberries to lose weight because blueberries also contain plenty of water. In fact, when you eat blueberries you will be consuming a lot of calorie-less water. This is perfect for losing weight because the water in the blueberries not only makes your stomach feel full but it also increases the amount of fluids in your body and in this way hydrates your body.

It certainly pays to eat blueberries, which makes for an excellent snacking food. Not only does the blueberry taste good but also it helps you consume fewer calories. If you eat one blueberry at a time you can not only enjoy its sweet taste but it also lasts for a long time and hence keeps you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time.fit2

So, now that you have the answer to the question, are blueberries good for losing weight, you can certainly start consuming them knowing that they are nutritious and a perfect alternative to sugar-filled foods.…